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World of Truth

Within You

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Here is the place to reflect on yourself,

cleanse the mind and discover truth. 

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People are not living as their original nature because they live inside their self-made mind world that overlaps the world. This is one's karma, habits, and body. And this is where all suffering comes from. 

Through meditation you can learn how to be free of the self-centered mind and the incomplete world, which is the karma, habits, and body. Then one can have the real existence and the existent world of Truth. Then that land is the existent world of Truth. It is the land where you can live eternally without death.  With the real existence within, one is always at peace, has wisdom, and can live happily. 


What People Say



Meditating at PalPark Meditation has been transformative experience. I've been able to learn so much from the helpers there and have a sense of peace and bliss that I didn't have before. I love the community here, the events they host, the helpers and other members.  I joined a year ago and haven't looked back since. Highly recommended.


I’m very grateful to this meditation method and I believe that everyone can do it, to become free of your false mind and begin living in the true world. 

Consistency yielded positive results as it helped me improve my physical-wellbeing, enhance focus & creativity, and gain emotional stability

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When I opened my eyes, I first felt the Universe. I felt I was in a new and amazing place connected to me, and was amazed at its power. The room and myself felt alive, in the matter of moments. I was extremely grateful and could not stop smiling, that I may have accomplished level 1. 


I absolutely love this place. I tried meditating on my own first but this has been more effective for sure. The guides are very caring and always happy to help. The meditation, hours that it is accessible ,care, and overall environment are excellent.  I’m very thankful to have found it and definitely recommend it.


It is impossible to describe the joy of countless people attaining enlightenment.

I felt more joy when other people were enlightened than I had felt with my own enlightenment

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