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Man Lives According To What He Has In His Mind


There are roughly seven billion people on this planet, but no two minds are alike. 

The mind that one has is the following:

A person lives out his life according to his form and shape, and as he does so he "eats" or stores everything he sees, hears and feels, from his childhood with his parents to his surrounding environment, friends, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, college life and life in society.

The size of that cumulative mind is as big as his body - his shape and form. It is from within the boundnaries of this mind that he judges right and wrong, good and evil, and discerns everything around him. All of these things are formed through the experiences of his life.

If he has lived with a certain kind of mind until the present, he will live with that delusional mind until the day he dies, and even after death. 

Suppose a person studies law, information technology, or mechanical engineering. It is through the things he stores inside his mind that he will later eventually earn a living. His personality also shows what kind of things he has put inside his mind. The lives people live reflect what they have put inside their minds.

The education that we receive in schools is a worldly one, while cleansing one's mind is the education to become Truth. If Truth exists within man, he will live a life of Truth because he is Truth. In the same way, if heaven exists within a person, he will live in heaven because he has heaven in him. Because people live to the extent of what they have in their minds, a person who amasses blessings in heaven will live forever in heaven with those blessings.

Jesus Christ told us that a foolish person amasses fortune on earth while a wise person amasses treasures in heaven. This means it is worthless to amass one's fortune here on earth for his own sake - for the sake of his body or for his children - because this world is a dead world. For a person who amasses fortune in heaven, his fortune is his forever and he lives with as much as he has amassed. Each person who has been born as Truth has his own heaven, so each must make and amass his own blessings in that land.

Blessings should not be sought, but made and built. One lives in the eternal world with as much blessings as he has made and amassed. One lives eternally with as much blessings as he as in the land of Truth that is his mind.


excerpted from the book titled " Heaven's Formula For Saving The World" page 55


Acceptance Is The Greatest In The World


The person who insists that only his religion is righteous can't see the bigger picture because he is attached to his religion. He also is small-minded. A big mind accepts everything. It must be big for it to be able to accept everything. 

When Jesus Christ said to be always thankful for everyday life, he meant for people to think positively. Those who think positively are able to accomplish their will. A person who has negative mind cannot accomplish his will in his everyday life. The greatest mind is one that can accept everything. That mind without boundaries is able to accomplish anything and everything. Cleansing the mind completely is the best way for one to be able to accept everything. We are accepting to the extent in which we are cleansed.


excerpted from the book titled ' world beyond world' page 49


World Beyond World Is


World beyond world is a world of completion

World beyond world is a world alive

World beyond world is a world as it is

World beyond world is a world of its own accord

World beyond world is a world of the mind of great nature

World beyond world is a world of oneness

World beyond world is a world, eternal and everlasting

World beyond world is a world of God, Buddha

World beyond world is a world of the next life

That can be known only through death

World beyond world is a world of heavenly paradise


excerpted from the book titled ' world beyond world' page 218


The Age Of Addition


It is not possible to know from exactly when, but from a certain point in time the human race began to build an illusionary world in their minds by taking pictures. They stored these pictures in their minds and lived within them. This is the reason people need salvation and Savior - because they live in an illusion.

To become complete, people try to empty and cleanse the mind. This is the reason they began to practice religion and other forms of meditation. However if they keep adding to their minds and they do not clear out what they hold, they will become more burdened instead of achieving human completion.

Let us imagine that there is a scripture that is a thousand times better than the scriptures that exist presently. If it was taught to the people in South America or Africa for a hundred years, would those people change? As long as they have their own human minds, they would not be able to have the mind of great love or compassion. But if someone goes to South America or Africa with the method to eliminate the human mind, the people will all become Truth as long as they destroy all of their human minds. The age of incompletion was one of man ever-adding to his mind, but the time of completion is a time of subtracting the human mind. If one's human mind is completely eliminated, it is possible to be reborn with the mind of God in the land of God.


excerpted from the book titled ' Where You Become True Is The Place of Truth' page 123




The Reason Man Cannot Live Like Flowing Water


History and the numerous different stories of the past - images that do not exist - are in one's imagination. People live with the countless stories that arise from their greed, but these are all just dreams. 

A dream is an illusion that does not exist, though it may seem to exist, and just as it exists, yet at the same time it does not, 

these stories are born from delusions.

Human life is born from a delusion and it is lived in a delusion.

Man tries and struggles to possess time that has already passed, 

he tries to turn back time,

but it is futile.

Living in the present reality, and being in the present is do.

Living out the present holding onto countless images

is burden - this is man's karma.

Although it has been said that man must just live, and just exist, 

they are all just words.

Man cannot live like the flowing water

because of the pictures he has in him,

and with them he judges and discriminates what is right and wrong.

These judgments and discriminations arise from his conceptions and habits.

A tree must be a tree;

the shadow of a tree is not the tree.

Likewise, if man is living in the world,

he should live in the world and nowhere else.

Why then has he drawn and stored the world -

the shadow of the world - within him?

It is greed, from the mind of possession.

Man, who cannot hear or speak the news of the world,

does not know the true will or purpose,

and there is no one who tries to know.

Far from repenting, all people are bellowing they are great -

it is n different that a scene from a tragic play

It is laughable to see them building and destroying castles in the air

within the plays they themselves have made.

Man is not in the world because he does not have the consciousness of the world,

but inside the play he himself wrote,

he must live like a squirrel running in his wheel;

like a character in a video, he does not have life -

an illusion is not alive; it is dead.


excerpted from the book titled ' Where You Become True Is The Place of Truth' page 179 


From The World Of Hardships To A World Free Of It


Do you find it easy to live in this world?

During a time when the world changes everyday

People cannot keep a steady mind

People are out of their minds

Do you find it easy to live in this world?

When times change

It is difficult to live in such changing times

When times change

One who changes with the times

Has little trouble making ends meet

One who resists the changing times

One who is far from reality

Has trouble making ends meet


Because the world does not follow your selfish expectations

Because the world does not unfold as you please

Your life is difficult

However when you live unbound to 

Either living well or living with difficulties

When you live from the world's perspective

And work diligently, just do your work

Live without self

And just live without yourself that has difficulty

Then there is no pain, no hell and no anxiety

And you will live a good life

Instead of blaming the world and others

A person must cleanse that mind of his that blames others

Then the world becomes bright, the world becomes one

One who knows that it is not the faults and mistakes of others

But that it is his own fault, and that everything is his own sin 

Is the wise one

When you repent your sins

And live as Truth, the true self

The world is heaven, the world will be full of pleasure

It is the one world

Where there is no ' this world', 'that world'

No matter how hard you try to live for the self

There are no results, there is no meaning or value

But if you live for the world

In the one world

There will be pleasure in the mind

There will be contentment in the mind


excerpted from the book titled ' The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living' page 35


Live As The True Shape






Everything exists according to its own shape

Do not cry

Do not laugh

Just live 

Live as it is

Live as your true shape

Live without mind, like nature

Abiding by nature

Like rain, wind, clouds, water and all creations

Live without mind, like nature


Do without the mind of doing

Have great mercy and compassion

Love truly

Live with true affection

Abiding by the flow of nature


Nature allows all creations to live

Through its fruits, its rewards

Likewise, just do as nature's flow,

Which is the greatest love in the universe

Just live that way


The true self dies when

One lives only for his self, for his body

One dies because he has no true self

So be your own true shape and live as your own true shape

The true shape is a non-material eternity

Which exists but does not exist; which does not exist but exists

Non-material existence

Is great nature itself

And is Truth, which exists as it is

Without judgment or discernment


excerpted from the book titled ' The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living' page 38


God's Mind Beyond Human Mind


Handsome, good-looking, stylish,

great figure, well groomed,

so good-looking, so distinguished,

so pretty, so lovely,

radiant as the moon, well-defined features,

he's a handsome man, she's a beautiful woman,

ugly, not good-looking, not stylish,

not glowing, weak features,

he's an ugly man; she's an ugly woman,

like, love,

clean, beautiful,

splendid, pretty,

do not like, do not love,

dirty, ugly,

not splendid, not pretty,

dead, alive,

it is this; it is that;

even the mind that the world exists is a human mind -

the mind of a ghost.

A ghost does not have the true mind

so it only sees outward appearances,

but God sees into the inner heart.

God's mind exists beyond the countless human minds.

God's mind knows nothing;

there is no feeling, no taste or smell,

there is nothing it sees or hears;

it is the mind where everything has ceased.

Even though God's mind is alive,

it does not dwell in its existence,

and while it is a mind of non-existence

where all have ceased,

it is a mind that is truly alive,

the mind of wisdom itself.


We have often heard that minds do not exist. This means the incalculable number of delusions piled up in the human mind do not exist. It is also said that the true mind does not exist; this is to say that the true mind does not have shape or form. It is not material, but is exists as Jung and Shin, the Soul and Spirit, which is Truth. This existence is the empty sky which remains when you take away every material thing in the sky.

This empty sky is the true mind. It is the origin, the source, the original foundation, and it is an entity that is alive. The world of this existence is heaven: a place where the world and people are born as the Soul and Sprit of this existence.

The human mind is pictures and an illusion; God's mind is reality - what truly exists. God's mind is the true mind; the mind of the empty sky. The human mind is the false mind that has taken pictures of all that belongs to the world. Man lives inside that false mind so if he discards all the pictures, his mind will be changed from the human mind to God's mind.



excerpted from the book titled ' Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever ' page 94



The Era Of Saints


A saint is someone who has the mind of the Creator, Buddha and God, and not the mind of his own self. Furthermore, a true, living saint is one who has been born in the kingdom of Truth - one who has become an eternal, never-dying immortal. Such a person has repented and been absolved of all his sins and therefore he is a person without sin. He has been absolved of his karma and is without karma. He is one who has completely eliminated his false self and his illusionary self of sins and karma; one who has won over his false self and eliminated the world of illusion.

If one becomes a saint while he is living, this land, here is paradise and heaven. Therefore even when his material body disappears, he is an eternal never-dying God in this land of the Soul and Spirit. A saint is without self; he is one who has become Truth. He builds the land of righteousness and enables people to become righteous. He destroys the world where the devil and ghosts live and makes the ghosts of that world surrender.

A saint does not live for his self, the ghost, but lives for the people of the world. He saves the dead, false ghosts that live in the ghost world. This world is already the world of the saint and is saved, but a ghost that has self does not live in the saint's world, the true righteous world. Therefore, a ghost needs salvation in order to live.

Now is the time when everybody can live forever in heaven, by changing this land, the ghost world, into the true land through repentance and penitence. It is the era of the saint.

A saint has the righteous kingdom within him. He also has God, Buddha and Allah within him. This land is the heaven amongst heavens, where only forever-living and never-dying immortals live and it is the master of this land who enables one to be born into this land. One who is born into this land is a saint and a complete person. He is one who has become Truth. 


excerpted from the book titled ' Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever ' page 209

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