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A life of Blessings - Woo Myung

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

People often live life with many expectations from friends, family, society, and themselves. It can feel there isn't enough time to truly think about what's important. But in these days considering all that is going on in the world, it is a great chance for us to slow down and look at what is truly meaningful in life. Self reflection and cleansing the mind is the most powerful tool there is to transform a regular life to a life of blessings.

One Lives According To What He Has In His Mind

There are roughly seven billion people on this planet, but no two minds are alike.

The mind that one has is the following:

A person lives out his life according to his form and shape, and as he does so he "eats" or stores everything he sees, hears and feels, from his childhood with his parents to his surrounding environment, friends, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, college life and life in society.

The size of that cumulative mind is as big as his body - his shape and form. It is from within the boundaries of this mind that he judges right and wrong, good and evil, and discerns everything around him. All of these things are formed through the experiences of his life.

If he has lived with a certain kind of mind until the present, he will live with that delusional mind until the day he dies, and even after death.

Suppose a person studies law, information technology, or mechanical engineering. It is through the things he stores inside his mind that he will later eventually earn a living. His personality also shows what kind of things he has put inside his mind. The lives people live reflect what they have put inside their minds.

The education that we receive in schools is a worldly one, while cleansing one's mind is the education to become Truth. If Truth exists within man, he will live a life of Truth because he is Truth. In the same way, if heaven exists within a person, he will live in heaven because he has heaven in him. Because people live to the extent of what they have in their minds, a person who amasses blessings in heaven will live forever in heaven with those blessings.

Jesus Christ told us that a foolish person amasses fortune on earth while a wise person amasses treasures in heaven. This means it is worthless to amass one's fortune here on earth for his own sake - for the sake of his body or for his children - because this world is a dead world. For a person who amasses fortune in heaven, his fortune is his forever and he lives with as much as he has amassed. Each person who has been born as Truth has his own heaven, so each must make and amass his own blessings in that land.

Blessings should not be sought, but made and built. One lives in the eternal world with as much blessings as he has made and amassed. One lives eternally with as much blessings as he as in the land of Truth that is his mind.

excerpted from the book titled " Heaven's Formula For Saving The World" page 55


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