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Health Reset and Restart

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Have you ever wanted to get a complete reset. We will have a meditation, exercise and fun retreat to help build a healthy lifestyle. At this retreat will you will get the tools to achieve your best health for body, mind, and spirit including guided meditation. It is scientifically proven and extremely effective in eliminating stressors and improving health.

Stress and anxiety are common in our fast-paced culture, leading to many illnesses, and shortens our lifespan. We explain how meditation lengthens lifespan by bringing optimal energy and health, unconditional peace, and clarity of mind. Reviving ourself on a cellar level! Check our this video about the affects of meditation on our Telomeres.

In addition to meditation practice, our program includes professional nutritional advice, dance exercise, yoga, a hilarious laughing, valuable health tips, and more.

Join us to share an invigorating and enlightening time together. Let’s spring ahead to optimum health and happiness. You can register here:

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