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Woo Myung Meditation Method

Do you want to learn more about the Meditation method?

It's very easy to see the benefits of cleaning the mind of these false pictures. People feel better lighter, healthier and happier as they practice meditation. One needs to understand the fundamentals of the practice.

"The reason and purpose why humans are born into and living in the world is to achieve human completion and live forever. People are incomplete because they live inside their mind worlds, which overlap the world. This is why people live with suffering, burden, curiosities, unresolved questions, and doubts. When you discard your false mind and become the real mind of Truth, you can know all the ways of the world."

Woo Myung. How to Go to and Live in Heaven, Paradise, and the Land of Bliss While Living (p. 194). Cham Books LLC. Kindle Edition.

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