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The Founder

Who is the founder of this method?

Woo, Myung is the founder of the subtraction method. He was born in the midst of the Korean civil war, in a village called Euisung of Kyungbook province, South Korea. Woo, Myung is and was an ordinary person who achieved enlightenment after deep introspection about life and existence in January of 1996. (Woo, Myung. World Beyond World, 2003, page 15-17). When he became Truth, he dedicated his life to teaching others to become Truth and developed the subtraction method, which was completed as a program in 2012, when the first people started reaching completion in level (7) seven.  


Woo, Myung is known for being a spiritual leader who works harder and endeavors more than the students who come to learn from him. He travels the world for the majority of the year giving lectures and spreading his message of Truth and hope so that others have access to the method. He once said, “It is not my purpose to make disciples. I am here to make masters.” (Retrieved November 10, 2016 from  


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Why is the founder of the method able to teach Truth?

Woo, Myung fully enlightened to Truth, therefore he is able to teach others to become Truth; he affirms: “A person can teach only as much as what he holds in his mind, therefore only the existence of Truth can teach Truth." (Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World. 2013, pages 185-186). 

In addition, he affirms: “Throughout the years, I have been trying to teach people Truth, and this Truth that I teach is boundless. Many people have been very suspicious and judgmental towards me, but the fact of the matter is, we are only able to offer to others what we are capable of, just as we can only teach as much as we ourselves can do. If a person were to go to the Shaolin Monastery in China, he could learn Shaolin martial arts. If there were a person who could breathe out fire from his mount, one could go to him to learn this skill. If there were a person who could fly, one could go to him to learn how. If there were an all-knowing wise man, one could go to him in order to learn his wisdom. When a person comes to subtraction meditation, he can become Truth by practicing the subtraction method. For sure, the subtraction method can offer Truth because it has Truth – it can teach Truth because it has Truth. Therefore, it is natural that only a person who is, himself, Truth can teach the way to Truth.” (Woo, Myung. World Beyong World, 2003, Italics and brackets added, italics changed, page 205)

What books has Woo Myung written and how are they best understood? 

Teacher Woo, Myung’s books were written “with only the wish for all people to shed their suffering and burdens, and live life born as Truth that is a great freedom.” (Retrieved November 20th, 2017 from


His literature is best comprehended as an accompaniment to the process of meditating. This is because by engaging in the method, his texts become a lived embodiment. Students also organically begin to understand the great spiritual texts throughout history, such as: The Buddhist Sutras, The Bible, Tao Te Ching, etc. because they were written from the perspective of the infinite universe.


For a more detailed understanding of the topics discussed on this website, please see Woo, Myung’s numerous books, listed below:

Myung, W. (2013) Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books


Myung, W. (2009) The Way to Become a Person While Living. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2003) World Beyond World Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2012) Where you Become True Is the Place of Truth. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2012) The Living Eternal World. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2012) Mind. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books


Myung, W. (2012) Nature’s Flow. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books


Myung, W. (2013) The Enlightened Word. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books 


His books are available for purchase at most centers or at​


What is the goal of this meditation? 

"'This meditation is about living for others once you have achieved completion by discarding yourself through cleansing your mind.' This is not a conscious act of ‘goodness’ or charity but a change that comes about naturally in the process of meditation. A person who has discarded his self knows that he and the world are not separate but one, so he lives for others without the thought or the mind that he is doing something ‘good’. When one subtracts his false minds, his original nature – his true mind – emerges, and the conception of you and me disappears. Therefore he is able to live the most joy-filled life." 

(Retrieved November 20th, 2017 from

Why might it be difficult for people to recognize the existence of Truth when it comes? 

Teacher Woo sheds light on this in Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World when he states (2013): “Teacher Jung-san told us that the Great Do or Path that will make the world to become one will come from outside the current systems. This means that the Path will not come from existing religions." (page 105) 

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