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About Us

New Jersey Online Meditation offers a unique and transformative meditation practice to find truth and paradise within. 

We are now operating a fully virtual meditation center.  We have been amazed by the powerful transformation and effectiveness of online meditation classes.  

Our Story

We have been existing in New Jersey for over 12 years.  Meditation began in 1996 and now has grown rapidly and cause a global sensation.  350 centers throughout the world 40 of which are in the USA. 

Since early 2020, due to the pandemic we began putting meditation sessions online. When we saw how effectively it was working and the interest in our programs from people all around the world, we knew we had to share this with everyone.  Even people are joining from locations where we weren't able to service since there was no center near. We are extremely happy to see how well received and how well meditation translates to the online format.

We have a group of volunteers who work to run our meditation sessions. In addition we are supported by members to assist when needed and offer one on one guided meditation to those interested.


Meditation allows ones mind to become accepting and bigger. When we have an open and big mind we can accept and harmonize with others.  We can begin to see the oneness of everything. When you become oneness you can help others, you can help the community and you can have harmony with others and the world.

Our guided meditation practice allows people to cleanse and empty their mind of all their pain and stress so one can live everyday with freshness and clarity. After meditation behavior and actions change, the more you cleanse out the more you will become free.  You can find true peace within so intern can learn how to live without conflicts. You can have a new start and live with a clean, new and fresh mind. 

NJ Online Mediation all classes are live online - fully remote and real-time services. 

We are serving in person guidance at our locations: 

Teaneck Meditation

Lyndhurst Meditation


Come join us as living as your True Original Nature

Why we meditate:

Find Truth By Eliminating False

When you discard and “get rid of the false self,”

the true self and the true world can be seen.


In the Bible, it says that God is within you and

the Kingdom of God is within you.

In the Buddhist Sutras, it says that Buddha is within you and

the Land of Buddha is within you.

People are incomplete because they lives inside the human mind, which is false.

This is why people are incomplete.


Human mind is living inside the human mind world

which consists of karma(one’s life lived), habits, and body. 

That is why God, the Kingdom of God, Buddha, the Land of Buddha, Allah and the Kingdom of Allah cannot be seen or known.


One must have heaven and paradise in order to live. When you eliminate the false self and go back to the origin. You will know all the principles of the world, and you can achieve human completion.

Human beings created their own mind world which is false and    

this false world is exactly overlapped  

on to the true mind world so people  do not know where they are living.


Our Mission

Our ultimate purpose is to help people come out from the mind of pain and stress, which is a false mind, and find their true mind, their original nature and live with a mind of happiness as complete people.

Our Approach

Historically, one of the biggest obstacles in overcoming problems in life and reaching enlightenment was the fact that people couldn’t understand about the mind. This prevented people from discovering who they are and how to become Truth and experience true enlightenment. 

Our meditation understands the mind and where it comes from so it shows  people how to cleanse the mind of the countless thoughts and images that are the roots of stress, anxiety and so many other problems. Gaining freedom, clarity, peace, and wisdom. 

Our Process

Now, you are able to know and become Truth, whereas previously you could only read and hear about Truth. You will know the answers to the basic questions in life: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go when I die? Why do I live? What happens to me when I die?  You will discover all the answers to these questions as true wisdom enters into your mind by cleansing the false mind. 

This meditation shows the human mind as an accumulation of pictures, stored within one's body and mind. These pictures are an accumulation of past experiences which are taken through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body. The pictures mold us into our pattern of thinking, how we react, and habitual behavior that are not who we truly are. 

Through the method of this meditation, you can cleanse your mind. This involves a guided simple step-by-step method that anyone can easily follow. Our method is so simple that even 8-year-old children and 80-year-old grandparents can study together. There are seven levels in this meditation. Even after completing just the first level you will get to know that the true mind has come in, and that is the enlightenment.

These pictures stored in the mind hold the emotions, thoughts and attachments to people, places, and things. They create the individual's own mind world. 

As you practice this meditation, you will realize the mind that was filled with pictures from the past is being cleansed, eliminating all burdens. You will live in freedom.

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