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Our Community

Palisades Park Meditation is part of a broader meditation community within the New York metro and New Jersey area. Through the meditation method of recovering one’s original true nature, the state of completeness or oneness, we are learning how to live for others and are taking action. We are working together to build a community where we can make peaceful coexistence possible. Below is a list of regular programs, community events and gatherings established to make this all happen: Participation in all of all of these programs are included once you become a student! 

Programs and Events

Daily Meditation Classes

Open enrollment and ongoing guided meditation classes everyday (check hours of operations Contact Us). Includes lectures, guided meditation (both individual and group classes) and consultation by Helpers (trained meditation guides).

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Grateful Together Society

A bi-weekly meditation and group class catered to members who are preparing to attend the Completion Meditation Course. This class is a half-day event consisting of intensive meditation and discussion of the Completion overview. Through the intensive meditation, one can discover from within how to live with the universe mind so that true coexistence can come into fruition into our lives and into the world. 



Clean up the parks, help the community.  Share happiness with others.

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​Online Meditation Retreat

Since February 2017, New Jersey Meditation have initiated a monthly series of an All-Day Meditation In-House Retreat. The retreat is to encourage members to have an intensive meditation experience. However, members can stay as long or as little as they like. Enjoy good company with fellow members from other centers and let’s share this journey by doing it together. Lunch, dinner and fun exercise activities are included. Please speak with staff members for more information. 

Currently during the Covid-19 Crisis we have had to put a pause to this program.  We look forward to the day to gather together again :)


Organic Farming Retreat

Feel the benefits of action meditation and much more at our Organic Farm.  After level 5 meditation retreats are held to reap the benefits of working with nature, moving the body, and healing whole body and mind. And always lots of fun.

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Meetup Weekly Event

When: Every Friday from 6:30PM - 7:30PM

Where: Palisades Park Meditation Center, 

Interested in meditation? Want to learn more about what we do? Join us during our regular Meetup event on Fridays late afternoon with staff and students to discuss about meditation and to learn about the method to discard. The event is about an hour and free. Let’s meet up!

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