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Great Teacher Woo Myung

 Teacher Woo Myung was born in a village in South Korea. Growing up with modest and small beginnings he became a successful business man running a college preparatory academy. But he was often pondering upon the futility of man, and the meaning of life and death.

At the end of 1995, Teacher Woo Myung decided to go to Gaya Mountain in search of enlightenment. He began to discard his mind world and all the minds including himself that had accumulated since birth.

 On 3rd January, 1996, he was able to discard himself and his mind world completely. He became enlightened that the Universe mind is now his mind and that he had become Truth. 

And realizing that people can only truly live when they discard their minds completely, he realized he must teach people how to become Truth. Teacher Woo Myung continues to travel around the world today, waiting for the day when everyone escapes from their sufferings and lives as Truth and oneness.

Woo, Myung’s books, are best comprehended as an accompaniment to the process of meditating. As one progresses with the method, Myung’s writings become clearer and clearer his texts become a lived embodiment. As you progress along with the method, one will also organically begin to understand the great spiritual texts as a lived experience, such as: The Buddhist Sutras, The Bible, Tao Te Ching, etc.  

To find out more please visit his website:

World Peace
Barley Fields

The world where people live without the mind of self will be a truly joyful place to live, for all people will be of one mind.  Without the minds of suffering and burden, there will be days of endless laughter. 

It will be a world without divisions between nations; a just world where people are honored to live for others; a world where people work with laughter and live joyfully; a world where all people live well.

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