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Woo Myung- Beautiful Poems to understand the Mind

Updated: Mar 18, 2021


People live with longing,

not knowing what they must live for.

People live in this world

laughing, crying, talking, and sighing.

The sadness passes with the years,

but one lives attached to it.

The Universe exists as it is

and thus all creations in the world

are absent of attachments.

There is no sadness in the Universe,

but man alone has countless kleshas.

Man alone thinks ceaselessly in vain

and thus lives creating useless kleshas.

excerpted from the book titled ' Nature's Flow' p 226

Nature's Flow 1

When the wind blows,

I follow the wind;

and when the rain falls,

it soaks my body.

When you live life without minds,

life is simply what it is.

Without blaming time that continues to pass,

I just live.

Unaware of good or bad,

I just live.

excerpted from the book titled ' Mind' p 16

Nature 1

Mountain birds live in the mountains;

river birds live near the river;

and seabirds live by the ocean.

All things live where they should;

everything is in its rightful place.

People live among people

and the shapes of all things are the shapes of life.

The minds of all things are different

because of their shapes and forms.

A bird flies through the air,

and a mountain creature cries in the hills.

excerpted from the book titled ' Mind' p 17


Every person has memories.

Memories are what one remembers of the past.

Past memories become the roots of one's mind,

and they form the present,

which is lived with this karma.

karma is a form of past memories,

and their roots are deep.

One's present life is lived

with the karma from his previous lives.

So in a way, his present life is his past lives.

How one lives now - his destiny -

is decided by his memories.

Past events are meaningless,

as are all things of the present,

so one should not continue to dwell on

the memories of a meaningless life.

There is one great thing in life -

it is setting all your memories ablaze.

Setting alight your memories means

setting your karma aflame,

freeing you from the sufferings of your burdens

for eternity, even after your death.

When you have karma,

you receive the judgment of this karma.

Human life is lived with karma that are memories,

so a person without minds reaches heaven.

That one is poor in spirit, that he has no minds,

means he does not have memories.

Being without memories

means one does not have any greed in his mind.

excerpted from the book titled ' Mind' p 23


A person with a lot of karma finds it difficult

to become Truth

because he tries to do so while making

his sense of self stronger.

He is unsuccessful because he makes

even more minds of self,

on top of what he already has.

Truth is the true world that exists when there is no self,

so Truth does not exist in a mind that seeks;

there is no Truth within one's thoughts.

excerpted from the book titled ' Mind' p 67

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